Hello! My name is Ganesh and
I'm a Product Designer
based out of the Bay Area.

Using a combination of user-centered design and generative UX research methods, I design products that embody clarity, efficiency, and intrigue.

I believe in designing as much through systematic and impactful small changes as through major overhauls.

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"Ganesh has proven his ability to quickly understand the business context and use case and to turn rather fuzzy ideas and requirements into concrete and well structured ideas for visualisation and navigation."

- Harry Lube, Chief Product Owner of SAP Project Execution.

"The high quality of his mockups were crucial to the project and Ganesh responded quickly to the changes discussed in online meetings with the design sensibilities we needed to move the team in the right direction."

- Dale Henderson, Cellist and Founder of Bach in the Subways.

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I'm currently looking for both part-time (starting January 2017) and full-time (after May 2017) Product Design opportunities.
I'm also comfortable working remotely and open to relocating if necessary.

To build on my exhilirating start-up experience in Summer 2016, I prefer a fast-paced team where I can leverage my skills across the full-stack of design and data visualization.

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